Monday, June 27, 2005

My workshop

One of the very few things I accomplished this weekend was straightening up my sewing area. Of course I had to take pictures when I finished! It really doesn't get too messy. This is the only area of the house that is ALL MINE! I tend to put things away when I am done, but lately I have had some things piling up. I know all my crafty friends know what I mean-fabric and patterns!

The baker's rack used to hold all my finished dolls, but I didn't like how dusty they were becoming. I'll be moving them to my hutch soon, but I want to paint it first. I love this area because we used to live in a two bedroom apartment and all of my gear was stashed in different places. Also, I had to set up and tear down everytime I wanted to sew. Now I have everything in one place. You don't see the hutch in any of these pictures, but it is to the left of the baker's rack on the other side of the curtained doorway. I keep all my craft materials in boxes in the lower part of the hutch and baker's rack. Behind the opened door/table support of the sewing table is where my bag of polyfill hides. I like to use the curtains for holding notes, works in progress, photos, etc. The blue trunk to the right of the sewing table holds most of my fabrics. Opposite this wall is my little loveseat. The trunk/coffee table holds the rest of my fabrics. Out of sight in the picture, but to the right of the loveseat is the other essential crafter's tool- the computer! This room is the family/dining room and the kitchen is opposite the glass sliding door. This is also the only room with no squawking tv.

This is my favorite room in my home. It's actually the room that sold me on the house! When it's neat and tidy and I'm in the middle of a great project, it's the closest thing to heaven here on earth!

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