Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am a latent hippie at heart...

I've hesitated over posting this project, but then I realized how silly that was. This is nothing to be ashamed of! My very first swap at Crafster is a cloth pad swap. This is sort of a new adventure (!) for me. I hate spending money on something that I'm going to throw away. I realize that many of you may have an Ewww reaction, but think about it. It's really only been since the 1930's that women have been buying disposable personal care products. And paper towels and napkins, for that matter. And tissues! There was a time when all of these things were cloth. Remember hankerchiefs? I'm sure that when disposable pads were introduced, there were many women who rejected the notion of buying something like that. We're just used to it now. When Carmen was a baby, I went the cloth diaper route and took care of them myself. She never had any problems with rashes and so on and it was no big hassle to wash them.

So, after much rambling, here are the covers and liners I made. The underside is ripstop nylon for a little barrier, the liners (inserts) are terry cloth, the tops are soft cotton flannel. The wings hook together with snaps. I hope my swap partners like them!

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  1. It is pretty normal around here. Haven't done it myself but have thought about it.


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