Thursday, June 02, 2005

But wait, there's more!

We also re-stained my mother's redwood chairs and lounge. (So awesome- they look brand new again!) Then we painted the base of what will be our outside dining table. We picked up a cool table curbside about a month ago. It's intended for inside with a chrome base and a heavy glass top, but we have painted the base a flat black to match the firepit and we'll be placing it near the umbrella. Now if I could just find a cheap replacement for our collection of resin chairs! Actually, I'm pretty pleased with those too. We scrounged all of them from different curbside piles last year. We keep them stacked up behind the shed, but when we have people over we power-wash them and they're so handy. And did I mention free?

And yet more! I finally got the blinds finished for our bedroom! It's a miracle! Will try to get some photos tonight. Now I have to paint Earl's dresser and the ceiling and we'll be done (at last!) with the bedroom redo.

Oh, and I finished my apron. So, so cute. I was very unhappy with the result of the pattern that I was using. I was 99% finished and then I ripped out every seam and remade it along the lines of the ones I made for the family. Much nicer. Will also get a photo of that.

Right now I am making a bathrobe of all things, for Earl. We had an unfortunate occurance involving a bubble bath, candles and our bathrobes! (That's all I'll say!) So I wanted to make something special for the big guy. I had this funky panel print featuring trout (or some other sporting fish, heck, I don't know) and Earl has always wanted me to make a pillow with it (yeah, right, Honey, I'll get right on that). I cut out one of the fishys and have appliqued it to the back of the robe. The rest of the panel(s) were turned into bias tape for trimming the edges of the robe. The final touch (this is the exciting part, to me!) will be some machine embroidery above and below the fish that will say "King Earl Fisherman" which is what he sometimes calls himself! Good thing he doesn't read my blog- I may be embarrassing him here!

I did not, however, finish anything for May Month of Softies. That was kind of sad. I have decided that if I don't finish Miss Columbia's dress she can wear an antique christening gown that I have. It's awfully pretty on her. But I do love that feedsack, so I'll try to get it done. The challenge ends June 12th, so I still have a little time. I also need to make a door prize for this challenge (cause I said I would). I'm so inspired by Hillary's wonderful sewing tote. If I can make something half as cute, I'll be happy. Myra also made a cute little bag a while back that looks really simple to do. She even created a tutorial, if you want to check it out.

Whew, this has been a long post. If you're still here, thanks for stopping in!

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