Thursday, June 09, 2005

Apron Frenzy!

Okay, go visit the newest hot spot for apron lovers-Tie One On. You will love it! Each month Amy will announce a theme and when we've created our themed apron, we will post a link to it. June's theme is "Home on the Range", which I'm very excited about. Totally makes me think of mid century kitsch. Wagon wheels and so forth.

I just remembered that I haven't posted any pictures of my cute apron with the bunnies on it. Must do that.

My craft list just keeps getting longer and longer! But I love it! I have a tote bag swap I am involved in on Craftster. I always wanted to be in a swap, but the reality is tougher that I expected! I'm making a bag for a total stranger. It's hard enough making things for people you know, but this-this is crazy! I really hope my partner likes hers.

I finished Earl's robe, so I'd like to post a photo of that too. Maybe with him wearing it so everyone can ogle at the hairiness that is my husband! Now I want to make one for me. I have a very pretty border print in pinks and greens that would be perfect.

Now that we have DSL here at work, I can get all my "internetting" done here. Sshhh, don't tell the boss! (Seriously, this job has a lot of "down time", so it's okay for me to be here, I promise!) This gives me extra time in the morning at home to sew. Sew fun, sew hard to put away when it's time to leave!

Oh! Another new thing- I just learned how to make these very cute fabric flowers! I love them and see them everywhere and now I can make them too! Yay!

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