Tuesday, April 05, 2005
This is all that I accomplished this past weekend! But, really, it was a big job! When we moved the new computer into our bedroom, the books and bookshelf ended up in the garage. I rearranged a couple of rooms and moved the bookshelf into our living room. I also brought in the cute drop leaf table that was my grandmothers. Now I have a little scrapbooking area! I really like the way it turned out. Sandra will recognize her rocker, I'm sure! That's now my "reading" corner. (Yeah, like I have time to read!) The biggest part of the job was editing our book collection. Iisted 25 books on ebay (talk about time consuming!) and I've got boxes more to list. Look for my ebay ID, tender_arts, if you are interested. BTW, I love my lamp shade! It's polka dotted and CUTE!

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  1. What a nice reading corner! It looks so inviting...


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