Friday, April 01, 2005

Notes from an April Fool

Here is a true story of three April Fools. It was April Fool's day in spirit only. A few months after I started my job in 2001, one of my co-workers wanted to connect to the internet in our conference room. So her takes a telephone cord and plugs the computer into the phone jack and tries to configure our ISP. My boss and I were in the room with him because, hey, this passes for high excitement in a land surveying office! It's dialing, it's ringing(!), and a feminine voice says from the computer, "Thank you for calling SureWest!" and all three of us lean into the computer and say "hello?".

What we finally figured out is that when we moved into this office space, we specifically did not get the conference room phone lines configured for data transfer. But it makes me laugh everytime I think of all three of us "talking" to the computer! (Duh...are we on the inter web?)

Here are happy Foolish wishes to all. If you have a website, check this out! It will track how many visitors come to your site. I like it because "fool" that I am, I want to believe there are at least a few people out there checking in on me. And they don't make comments. heavy pause. But now I can KNOW if somebody checks in. (Heh, heh, I feel like Big Brother!)

Happy April Fool's Day, Happy Friday, Happy Day!

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  1. That was quite a picture you painted! Very funny!

    And yes, we're out here reading your website! Now that something has changed and I can leave comments with out having a blogger account, I'll be doing that rather than just emailing you directly.


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