Monday, April 11, 2005

Feeling a sense of accomplishment!

What a transformation! I should have taken a "before" picture, but suffice it to say that a person couldn't even see the floor! Now, here's the thing: This is not the first time I've cleaned my kids' room, but I think it will be the last time I have to go through that kind of overhaul. The reason is two-fold: There are no toys in their room, so any toys laying around are really going to stand out and (this is the big one) we created a cleanup schedule. On their calendar we marked their initials on alternating days. Then I typed up what the daily cleanup will involve and hung it on their wall along with the "house rules". So tonight, Eric will go through the list and I will inspect it. Tomorrow, Max will do the list. This way there will be no, "I didn't make the mess!". I did something like this back when we had the apartment and the three kids shared a room, and it worked pretty well.

It took the whole weekend, but it was worth it!

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  1. Wow, Bettsi, that looks great! Good work! Josephine


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