Saturday, April 09, 2005

Big day today

I have a very full day ahead of me. Today, my sons and I will clean out their pigsty, er, room. I'm a little afraid to look under those beds! I have boxes to toss stuff in and we'll be re-arranging the room. I'm taking Deniece Schofield's advice and moving the toys to a central location away from the bedroom. We have a nice big closet in the hall that has been my "craft" materials, but that's really just code for junk! The stuff I use day in and day out is in the dining room, stored in my sewing table, trunks, and baker's rack. So now it will be the toy closet and the bedroom will just be for sleeping, studying, playing Gamecube and watching movies. Boy howdy, I'm going to be one tired puppy tonight!

Okay, I'm diving in!

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  1. Wow, what a job! I admire your resolve, I hope your re-organizing project went really well. I had hopes of accomplishing much smaller things today, and didn't even get that done.


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