Saturday, April 02, 2005

Anonymous comments

Thanks to Amanda over at stuffed, anyone can leave me a comment without registering to blogspot! Yay! If you decide to comment, it will ask you if you want to leave an anonymous comment, so just click on that! The official "tagline" will show "anonymous", but if you will write your name in the test of your message, I will know who you are so I can thank you.

Husband, Earl, and I had a fabulous dinner out last night to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Yes, we're just a pair of April Fools! Actually, our anniversary is this coming Thursday, but we'll be at Open House at the boys' school that night. We had such a good time. Later I will post a photo of his gift to me. I love it.

2 friends said....:

  1. Bettsi,

    I like your blog and I'm glad I can leave a comment now! Your dolls are lovely! Happy Anniversary to you & your hubby!


  2. I am using the 'other' selection from 'choose an identity' right now. LOL Didn't all of this used to be less confusing!?!


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