Thursday, March 03, 2005

A little rant

I just need to rant a little bit. I know this is supposed to be my craft blog, but hey, hardly anyone reads it and it IS mine. So I can do what I want. So there!

Stupid USBank! Stupid, stupid, stupid! On the evening of Feb. 28th, I deposited my husband's paycheck. Before the deposit we had .36 in the bank. That means I had a $100 available to me from my deposit. So I took $100 out of the ATM for groceries, gas, know, important stuff. The next morning I'm at my desk and I call in a prescription refill to Kaiser to be mailed to me. An hour later I go to lunch and walk my paycheck into the bank. I just discovered that I've been charged a $33 overdraft fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this seem right? I called the bank and talked to "Sunny" (who definitely wasn't!) and she said that at the time I made the prescription refill, I didn't have any funds available to me. So it counted as an overdraft, thence the fee. So I called my branch manager, Gloria, and she said it doesn't matter that I deposited the night before and that I deposited one hour after the call to Kaiser. At the time I called Kaiser, I had .36 available. And she would not reverse the charge. I obviously was not trying to spend money that I didn't have. If my deposit was pending, then why wouldn't the debit charge be pending?
And to top it all off, now I have to call Kaiser because they messed with me too! The last time I refilled this prescription, I went to the pharmacy to pick it up and they only gave me 30 days for $10 when in the past I would get a 90 day supply for $10. I was told that I could still get that price if I ordered it by mail. So I did and what did they charge me? $20!!!! Stupid electronic everything! And another thing, if I only had 36 cents in the account, why would the bank approve the transaction? Why don't they just decline it like a credit card? Because that's how they get their money, silly rabbit.
So I spent my whole lunch hour on the phone with USBank and I got no resolution. I can't get no satisfaction.

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