Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm still here!

The bedroom project has seen considerable progress. Last weekend, Earl and I hung the new ceiling fan (so pretty!). I created the upholstered headboard and the bed skirt. We made up the bed with it’s pretty new linens. Earl even put in a pewter finish light switch cover that matches the hardware on the fan. I painted my fabulous thrift store mirror ($4.99, thank you very much!) in a silver finish. And did a distressed white paint finish on three tin “ceiling” squares I got at Walmart for $3 a piece. It’s all looking good, but there is plenty left to do! I still need to:

Make the Roman shades
Paint and stencil the ceiling
Organize the desk area
Clean out and organize the closet
Fix the drywall around the new closet doors
Paint the closet doors and add molding
Paint Earl’s dresser and my jewelry armoire
The fun stuff (i.e. add accessories!)

Whew! It looks like so much when I list it!

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Free Image Hosting at <a" />

Also, I’ve gotten a little further with my Month of Softies submission. My little Bettsi now has braids. This was tricky because the real me does not, and never has had, thick hair. As a girl, I taught myself how to braid on a doll’s hair (how ironic!) and began to wear braids in my hair almost every day. They were scrawny, fine little things! But when you make a doll, it takes a lot of “hair” to cover her bald little head. When I started braiding all that hair, I was getting these huge monster braids. I had to figure something out so this is what I came up with: I sewed the “bottom” layer of her hair close to her head. Then I cut it off before the place where the braids start. I took the “top” layer and made two braids. It turned out really well. They still look better than my own braids ever did! I don’t know how to re-create all my wispy “fly-a-ways”!

Now I’ve got to hustle and “get ‘er done”! The end of March is practically minutes away!

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