Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hello, Lonely Blog!

Poor, poor neglected blog. Were you ready to call the blog protection agency? I've been so very, very busy. It's been a frenzy of blatant consumerism here. Yay for tax refunds! Boo for husbands who love computer buying! My home has to be completely re-arranged in order to make room for the new cool computer which lives in my bedroom. I've taken this opportunity (!) to finally decorate our room. It's really been a mess. I'm excited about the changes, but the process doesn't thrill me.

The room will be so lovely! I already have blue (periwinkle) walls, but the ceiling will be painted a nice, fresh white. I will also be stencilling some nice scroll-like motifs in the corners and around the ceiling fan in the same periwinkle as the walls. Yes, ceiling fan. I would like a fabulous, romantic chandelier, but this is for my husband, who absolutely must have air circulating around constantly. But it's nice. A pewter finish, with a faceted glass "salad bowl" light fixture. (Don't know how else to explain it!). All white bedding. White roman shades. Black desk and hutch that look like the stuff from Pottery Barn's, but really came from Target! Two vintage dressers that will sport nice white gloss paint. And that's about it. We replaced our closet doors (mirror sliders) with shutter type bifolds. Much nicer. I hope the finished result will look calm, clean, but eclectic-vintage at the same time.

But I am so behind on my crafty internet world stuff. My friend Josephine is sick and I haven't even emailed her, so that's the next order of business. I am half done with my Month of Softies submission-I must get her done! Email piling up in the old inbox. Grrrr. Must get back to endless "to do" list. Good-bye, dear blog. Be good while Mommy's gone.

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