Thursday, March 10, 2005

Crinched = Tired

About mid-week I always seem to reach "critical mass". All my good intentions on Sunday about keeping the house picked up, staying on top of the laundry, etc. seem to fly out the window. By Wednesday, I just want beer and snacks and to be left alone. I don't pick up and we begin the slide into the weekend where I will once more be overwhelmed by the mess and resentful of the work. Blah. On Saturday, I'll shovel out the main living areas and get no real cleaning done on the rest of the house. I need little fairies to follow my children around...

Tuesday night I started my Month of Softies project. Self portrait of myself at age 9. It will be groovy. Plaid bell bottom pants and granny glasses! It's been good though. I'm seeing myself less harshly and more as a little girl, which is nice. So far, I've only made my fabric selections and started the body. Poor little dolly, half stuffed and forgotten in my "bag of tricks" that I tote back and forth to work with me.

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