Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Alice is official!

I emailed Claire about my Raggedy Old Alice being missing in action and she very kindly put the doll up in the gallery! And even better, she gave me a compliment! She said, "I am a fan of your new blog! It's really nice to read about the doll making process. Xx, Claire" Woohoo! Loobylu is one of my favorite places on the web and to hear her say something nice like that just made my day! (And, did you see how she signed it? That means she loves me!)

And something else fun: Montage-A-Google. How can I describe this? It's like a google image search, but after you put in your keyword and it does it's search, you click "create montage" and it makes a wonderful collage of images that match your keyword. Try it-you'll like it!

The only thing left for me to say is, I'm glad I have a wonderful boss like Steve. He is very kind about my excessive internet usage (addiction!). Thanks, Steve!

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