Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Still not an easy job!

I love, love, love Suburban Bliss. Melissa is frequently profane and not always "nice", but she is very, very real and funny and she seriously tugs at my heart strings! She has younger children than mine and her posts often remind me of those tortuous crazy days of potty training and lice. I have been thinking that I am so glad that Carmen, Eric and Max are older and able to entertain themselves. They are in the middle of "mid-winter break"-a ski week for teachers, I guess. Yesterday I left them with a chore list and was so pleased to come home to dirty dishes ACTUALLY IN THE DISHWASHER! And the living room picked up and toys out of sight and the floor was even vacuumed! I did not leave a list today and apparently that meant that all of those things are unneccesary today! So this is what I came home to today:
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Okay, the couch really is that shabby, but do you see the blankets, the dishes, the general mess?
And in the kitchen was this:
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Why is this acceptable? Why don't they see this stuff unless I'm on top of them all the time? GRRRRR!

Okay, now to the fun stuff! Here, then, is Raggedy Old Alice:
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Is she not adorable? Here's a close up:
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So tonight-we stain! Mwahhaahhaaa!

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