Thursday, February 10, 2005

One of my finest creations...(well, not entirely mine!)

Today is wonderful! I had a triennial review with my son, Eric's, special education teachers. Eric has been in special ed since he was 3 years old-he is 11 now. When he was a baby he had a lot of ear infections that caused scarring in his ears. He couldn't hear and then of course, he couldn't speak. He had an operation right before his third birthday-they put tubes in, they removed his tonsils and they removed his adenoids. We immediately began to see improvements, but he was significantly behind his peers. He went to preschool and was assigned an aide to work with him. He had a speech therapist that came to the house twice a week. When he got older he attended special day classes for kids with speech and language problems. In third grade he was put back into regular ed with speech classes and extra "resource" help. And today...he "graduated" from special education all together! I am so very, very proud of him! He has worked hard and he's doing so well! Here are some pictures of this wonderful guy:

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