Thursday, February 10, 2005

Memory Boxes

Well, I've got a craft to keep me busy for a few days. I need to get some memory boxes done. I found this wonderful group in December that creates boxes for families who lose an infant. The boxes are given to the family by the nursing staff to take home mementos and papers. Yesterday I bought four boxes and I hope to get them done over the weekend. The groups output has been low lately and it breaks my heart. The boxes aren't much, but they mean a lot to the grieving families that receive them. This is taken from a letter received by our group last week:

Hi Guys and Gals,Tera got this post from one of our hospitals. I think you will all benefitfrom reading it - and realizing how important, what you do - is!

Dear Tera, I saw from the website that you are president of the program. I do not know if that means you also coordinate the distribution of the boxes. I have been receiving the boxes for my program for five years and I did receive four this week but I have been out since December. Because we have a high-risk pregnancy center in our womens hospital and a high-level NICU we unfortunately have a large number of losses, 24 so far since January..
I know the artists use their skills for personal things around theholidays but I have never run out of boxes. Having to give families their mementoes in plastic bags again has made me even more appreciative of the beautiful boxes. As I always tell the artists these boxes are so important and mean so much to the families. In my support group I often hear storiesof how parents have their boxes placed in a place of honor in their homes and how often they get their boxes and lovingly examine the contents. It is so important that they leave here with something tangible in their hands that validates that precious little life. I am sure you have heard these stories many times but I am so appreciative of what you do.
I hope you can pass on my need to the proper person. I would bevery grateful for any help you can give me. Thank you so much for thisprogram and for all you do for these families. Your gift is greatly appreciated.

Wow, that got me going! So hopefully after work today I can get out the paints and get to work!

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