Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 40 AND I'm on a Design Team!

First, my personal art card for week 40:
Fun challenge! Cover something up. I really had fun with this and further challenged myself to use a limited palette. The tissue paper that I used to cover the whole card came from Brave Girls Club- isn't it wonderful? In addition to all the delightful adjectives, it also has the logo so that is the portion I covered with my black "egg" shapes. Those shapes are a stencil I made myself inspired by some of Rae Missigmans. The little round beehive shape is from Ephemera's Vintage Garden's Vintage Queen Bee digital download- just one piece of a truly gorgeous collection.

Now... speaking of Ephemera's Vintage Garden.... I am now part of the Design Team!!!!
So honored and excited to be selected! I am still pinching myself and I can't wait to get started. I'll be making six projects in 2017 using some of the various collections that the talented Debbie-Ann Parent has created. If you are not familiar with Ephemera's Vintage Garden, it is a delightful collection of digital downloads for use in junk journals, scrapbooks, greeting cards, just about any paper craft you can imagine! Anyway, I'll share much more as I get started, but for now....YAY!!!!
Happy Making, Friends!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Documented Life Project, Weeks 38 and 39

Week 38:  Add black and white marks over color. I've been watching Rae Missigmam's videos from last year showing 15 minutes of mixed media. It's been so helpful and freeing! All of a sudden, I feel like, "yeah! I can do this!". So, needless, to say, I had a blast doing this card:
A little collage, a little paint and then black and white uni-ball pens. I really love how it turned out!

And then, there is week 39- add stripes. This was also really fun to do. I started with distress inks over an old book page. First, watered down in a wash and then pounced through various stencils. Then I took another book page and tore it into skinny stripes. I added the stripes and some hole reinforcers to the card, then stitched around some of the elements. When I got that far, I thought it looked a little like a city scape. I probably should have left it alone here, but I added a favorite line from an old Doors song (Hello, I Love You). 

I've been taking a little break from messy art work and playing around on Polyvore. It's really fun and I can do it on the couch! They have contests which help to focus my creative efforts.

Happy making, Friends!



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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rubber Stamp Storage

I don't have a huge collection of stamps, but I do love the ones I have and I use them a lot in my junk journals. I was having a hard time storing them. First I kept them in a closed box with a handle- kind of a cardboard version of a vintage train case. Everything fit, but it was kind of a pain to have to pull out the box and open it just to get my distress ink or blending tool.

So then I went to a basket to have everything close at hand, but that quickly became a jumbled mess.

The other problem was with storing the cling stamps. I tried to keep them on their original acetate sheets and then keep all the sheets in a baggie, but that was also unwieldy. I'd try to get one sheet out and knock stamps off the other sheets.

So, what does a crafter do when she needs storage solutions? She hits Pinterest, of course! Here's the idea.

#papercraft #crafting supply #organization: Handy Stamp Storage Idea, craft storage, organise:

So that was great- I have all my cling stamps in old CD cases (makes me glad now that I hadn't purged all those things!), but I still had my wooden block stamps, ink pads and tools. I looked at what I had and the amount of space I had and I made a solution! Behold the Amazon Box/Pancake Box/Book Page storage chest!

After it was assembled, I gave the whole thing a coat of Mod Podge and added drawer pulls made of brads. I love that now I can just pull out the drawer I need and keep working! I posed the chest with my colored pencil caddy that I made a few years ago. Isn't it great that plain old cardboard, paper and Elmer's Glue can be transformed into something truly useful?

I'm on the last day of a week's vacation. It has been a lovely week of rest, relaxation, making things, going to the movies and out to eat with my sweetheart! Tomorrow- back to the grind...

I'll enjoy today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Happy making, Friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 37

This week:  add stitching to your card. Ironically, I've got another butterfly, but it wasn't really intentional. I was trying to make a lovely layered background and all I seemed to be making was mud! Finally, I put a layer of gesso over the whole thing and decoupaged a portion of a paper napkin down. And then... the heavens opened and the angels started singing!

From that point, it all got easier. I stitched around the outside, stamped the words onto dictionary scraps and then embellished it all with sparkly Sakura Gelly Roll pens. SO happy with how it all ended up. I guess that's the challenge of mixed media- keep working at it, trying different techniques and materials until you find the balance that pleases you.

Happy making, Friends!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Lovelight Journal

So pleased with this journal! It is the Lovelight journal. This one took some time. All of the lovely laces were from my stash and were sewn to the pages. It was a joy to put it together!

The digital download tags and journaling cards came from two immensely talented ladies:
Nicole from Accessoire and Debbie-Ann from Ephemeras Vintage Garden.

As soon as I have the listing up in my etsy shop, I'll link to it. Also have a video in the works too! I had a really good long weekend- super productive.
Happy making, Friends!

When Worlds Collide!

Junk Journals, Handwriting and Bullet Journals, oh my! These three things are where my energies have been focused lately and they all mashed together in this one project!

I joined the Facebook group #RockYourHandwriting to help improve my handwriting in my Bullet Journal (which has become the best planner I have EVER used, btw). In this project, I made my own little travelers notebook to house my daily handwriting practice.
You might remember the Queen Elizabeth II junk journal- these pages are part of the guts of the book I used. I've become inordinately attached to my book guts so this was really fun to make! 
Back cover is the inscription page- kind of a hoot to read!
Lord Cochrane in his youth.
And again in his 85th year. I'm sure he would be mortified to know that his glorious account of his career in Her Royal Highness's Navy had become gutted and repurposed! 
My title page
My BuJo inspired layout that I picked up from another group member on Facebook.

Happy making, Friends!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 36

Here is my Personal Art Card for Week 36- the prompt was to add an organic element. After cutting out these beautiful printed butterflies, I also glued down these tender petals from a Deodar Cedar cone and added the flat back pearls. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The theme for September is "Roll Call- being accountable". I made this divider from a long hoarded Chico's bag! On the backside I glued black cardstock and drew out my calendar. I LOVE September!

Below is a look back to the Week 2 PAC which was to start with a favorite quote and paint over all but one inspiring word. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I used a metallic marker and in person, it really shimmers beautifully.

That's it for me today. It's been a busy week, but it sure was fun to dig in today with DLP.
Happy making, Friends!