Saturday, August 27, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 35

If you are not familiar with the Documented Life Project (DLP), it is hosted by the fabulous ladies at Art to the 5th and it's a year long project. There are new prompts every week for a Personal Art Card (PAC), which really is the same thing as an ATC or Artist Trading Card. Aside from the PACs, there is just the fun of putting together your framework each month- a divider, monthly calendar, weekly pages and then fun things like the "List TEN" cards or "Dare 2B" cards which often provide thought provoking prompts. 

I've been following along for the whole year. I discovered Art to the 5th while planning our wedding last fall and it was a welcome break from planning. They offer all kinds of classes, videos, etc. and I found it so inspiring to just make art for art's sake. I also discovered art journaling during this time so I was really jazzed and signed up to play for 2016.

Of course, January came and I was completely depleted! After the wedding and Christmas, I was feeling pretty worn out and felt that I had no creativity to bring to the project! I jumped in anyway and I'm awfully glad that I did. For me, it kept me moving along even if my muse had left the building. Every Saturday morning, new prompts are published and it's been a great thing for me to set aside this one morning a week devoted to art. 

I can honestly say that I wouldn't be making junk journals or working in a bullet journal if not for the time I devoted to DLP. It has opened my creative side in wonderful ways and now art is a part of EVERY day rather than just once a week!

So, anyway, here are some pics of my DLP "unplanner" which was the theme for this year.
Front Cover - acrylic paint on chipboard. This is my second cover- the first was dry wall mud textured and run through stencils like the back cover below. Unfortunately, it was too thick, too gloppy and the embellishments fell off! I like my second version better!

Back cover- I do like this technique and will do it again, but I'll use a light hand like I did on this!

Here is the opening page. The back of the front cover was painted black and then I crumpled tracing paper and glued it over the entire surface. I really like this effect. The January divider page is next. You can really see my lack of inspiration! I decided to just be clean and simple. "Going out on a limb- trying something new" was the monthly theme. A sign hanging from a tree limb seemed appropriate.

Week 1 PAC:  incorporate 16. Hmm, doesn't get much more basic! I also incorporated my word for the year. Strange how profoundly important the choice of word has become as I've embraced my creative pursuits more fully than I ever have before- my first love. Not just embraced making art, but becoming serious about sharing it, becoming involved in the online community and hopefully, getting to a point where I make money from it too. 

This week's PAC. Week 35 - incorporate your favorite number. This was really fun- 
  • glued a book page to cardstock, inked the edges, 
  • stamped five stars and then 
  • encapsulated 5 metal stars under a layer of tracing paper sewn to the card on all edges with a zigzag stitch.
It looks better in person and it's pretty cool the way the stars shake around in it.

So, that was a long look at the Documented Life Project. Thanks for making it all the way to the end! I hope to share the current card each week along with one from earlier in the year.

Happy making, Friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On the Worktable

I'm so enamored with my bullet journal that I felt compelled to make a new pouch to carry my pens in! I didn't have any zippers on hand so I made this simple, deep pouch with ribbon tie closure. I think I like this better- it can accommodate so much! At the same time, I can just roll down the top to  fit whatever I do have inside it and tie it up tight so it's not rattling around in my purse. The brown gingham is discreet, the aqua gingham lining is a party!

Happy making, friends! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
I made this.
And I'm pretty proud of it!
This is for a bullet journaling group on Facebook called #RockYourHandwriting. The prompt was Daily Habits. Yup- this just about covers it! I love my sweet little life.
Happy making, friends!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Here is an absolutely "loverly" alphabet in a font offered from a company that sells digitized designs for your home embroidery machine which goes to show you that inspiration can be found everywhere. Especially if you start with Pinterest!

Happy making, friends!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stitch in Time Junk Journal

The inspirations for this book was a sewing manual that I came across from the 1940's. I just fell in love with the illustrations and couldn't wait to use them in a junk journal. Then I found this awesome Readers Digest book and fell in love with the print- it reminded me of the WWII era so it seemed like a good fit. I tried to find digital image kits that tied with the theme of sewing and thrift, but everything I was finding was too Victorian.

I ended up working with the Cottage Garden kit from Ephemera's Vintage Garden. I just love Debbie-Ann's designs and there was a lot about this kit that reminded me of a thrifty lady during WWII saving seed packets in her journal so that's how things ended up! Kind of inconsistent, but more like real life which is what I like in a junk journal- I like to pretend that it's a real keepsake that someone owned in the past and assembled with little treasures.

The total journal ended up being very layered with a lot of color and a lot of ephemera which I think makes it very fun!

See that line drawing above from the book? Isn't that darling?

Some Victorian elements did creep in, but just like my own sewing box, I imagined that my pretend thrifty housewife had items from her mother and grandmother that she treasured.

I really like how it ended up and I think the right home is out there ready to treasure it. It's listed now on etsy. Happy making, friends!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 34

If it's Saturday it must be time for Documented Life Project. It's week 34. Can't believe I've stuck with this project for the whole year!

The prompt for the personal art card was "document a happy thing". Today just happens to mark my entry into the world of bullet journaling, so there you go! 

The List 10 prompt was also fun: places in the past you'd like to visit. That's the fun of DLP- you record some interesting thoughts that you might not have had otherwise. 

Since I haven't posted anything for August DLP, I've also included pics of the first two PAC's- collage and self-portrait (yikes!).

Happy making, Friends!

Monday, August 15, 2016
Vintage inspired ATC's (Artist Trading Cards)! I've been having so much fun in Vintage Junk Journal Junkies, a Facebook group started by Debbie-Ann Parent of Ephemera's Vintage Garden. Theses cards are actually for trading- one of the group members is hosting a swap for vintage inspired cards.

I started these by laying strips of scrap papers and then cutting into 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" rectangles. I broke open my stash of black and white magazine photos and culled all of these beauties. I then inked them all around the edges and stamped these great looking stars. I went to the computer where I typed "we are stardust" thirteen times and cut and glued the words to the cards. Each word got a little outline and the last step was a sprinkling of super fine iridescent glass glitter.

I really like the way they turned out and I can't wait to get other members' cards in return!
Happy making, friends!